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Pack Your Bags – It’s Time for Summer Vacation! The Top 10 Tips for Traveling with Kids

June 20, 2018 by  
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By Michele Fisher

Summer is finally here, and for many families, that means it’s time for a family vacation! If the thought of traveling with your kids is both exciting and—let’s face it—a little nerve-racking, you’re not alone. But with the following tips, you can have a safe, smooth trip that every member of your family will enjoy.

1. Include your kids in the planning. Children will be more excited about a trip if they know what to expect and get to have a eoay in what they’ll be doing. In the weeks leading up to your vacation, share books and online information about your destination. Let each person in the family choose an activity or specific attraction they’d like to visit during the trip, and then be sure to include each in your itinerary.

2. Break up travel boredom with small surprises. Let’s face it, a long car ride or cramped trip in a plane can get boring for kids (and adults). To fend off the grouchy cries of “Are we there yet?” pack some small, inexpensive surprises in your travel bag. Think small toys, fidget spinners, Thinking Putty, coloring books, word search books, stickers, and more. Then ration out each surprise as boredom hits.

3. Have a plan, but be willing to change it. It’s tempting to try to fit as much as possible into each day of your vacation. But if your kids are feeling grumpy or tired, take a cue from them and slow down. Even a 20-minute ice cream break in the middle of the day or deciding to head back to the hotel for an afternoon nap while the sun is at its hottest could make the difference between cranky kids and happy ones.

4. Let your kids be amateur photographers. Pack a sturdy, child-friendly camera and then allow your kids to snap away at anything that interests them. This encourages them to be more observant, and you just might end up with an amazing pic from a brand-new (knee-high) perspective!

5. Pack plenty of baby wipes. Kids out of diapers? Baby wipes are still a godsend for cleaning off the surface of nearly anything you and your kids are going to touch. And, of course, hand sanitizer is a must-have.

6. Snack smart. Avoid the high prices charged at tourist destinations and pack your own snacks. But choose wisely. To avoid crashes following sugary snacks, choose foods that are high in fiber and protein, but low in sugar. Think whole grain crackers, low-sugar granola bars and (dry) cereal, string cheese, and fresh fruit.

7. Play “Who Gets Home First?” You can pick up postcards at nearly any tourist destination and turn them into a fun and easy game. Have your child choose one, write a short note on the back, and mail it to your home address. Then see if you or the postcard makes it home first!

8. Consider a wearable GPS tracker. Got a kid who tends to wander? GPS trackers come in many different models, from bracelets to watches to small units that you can attach to a child’s belt or shoe.

9. Or go low-tech. You could also simply write your name and phone number on your child’s arm, in case you get separated. For older kids, start teaching them your cell phone number a few weeks before your vacation. Finally, it’s wise to choose a spot at each new attraction you visit where everyone agrees to meet if you get separated.

10. Preserve those memories! When you get back home, no doubt you’ll be busy unpacking, doing laundry, and catching up on work emails. But you don’t want to forget all the amazing things you did as a family on your trip. The solution? Let the kids take care of this task by creating their own scrapbooks filled with souvenirs, photos, ticket stubs, postcards, and more. This is also a great way to keep them busy on a rainy day!


About the Author

Michele Fisher is the author of the Come Travel with Me book series, including Come Travel with Me: Philadelphia and Come Travel with Me: Chicago which she was inspired to create by her daughter’s interest in travel and willingness to be adventurous and try new things. Michele is from Chester County, Pennsylvania, where she resides with her husband, son, and daughter. She has worked in financial services for 25 years and travels frequently for her job. Michele loves traveling to new places with her family.

Disney Travel: Save Sanity-and also Money with Pixie Vacations!

October 23, 2013 by  
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by Mommy MD Guides blogger Jennifer Bright

Here at the Mommy MD Guides, our mission is to help moms raise healthier, happier families. We talk a whole lot about the “healthier” part. I’m really excited today to talk about the “happier.”

What makes you happy is as individual as, well as you! But I think most people would agree that taking a family vacation is at least close to the list. And what vacation destination could boost happiness more than the one of the “happiest places on earth”–Walt Disney World.

I’ve traveled to Disney World 10 times, and the past three have been with my kids. Sure, we had some stressful moments, even some Mommy Meltdowns, but I made it home with my sanity intact. You can too! And below you’ll find some great specials from my friends at Pixie Vacations!

  • Work with your family’s schedule. I’ve read dozens of times about families that go back to their hotels in the middle of the day for naps. I’m sure that works well, for some. But I knew from other trips and day trips that my kids did better with a concentrated block of time out and about, naps in their stroller when they were younger, and an earlier return to the hotel to relax, swim, and sleep. Also, we try to keep our mealtimes as close to what we do at home as possible, eating around 7 am, 11 am, and 4 pm. Eating early like this also helps us avoid the nutty meal-time crowds!
  • Don’t pressure kids to ride. On our first trip with my kids, who were 4 and 2 years old at the time, I encouraged them to go on “It’s Tough to Be a Bug.” It’s a show in the dark, about bugs. Didn’t scare me a bit, but my younger son was terrified, and he was reluctant to go one anything else indoors for the rest of the trip. After that, before getting into a line, we told him as much as we could about a ride, and if he didn’t want to try a ride, we skipped it. Now before trips I show my kids (prescreened!) youtube videos of rides that they might want to go on.
  • Plan ahead. Disney is the master at crowd pleasing, and crowd control. Their FastPass system and the new FastPass+ allow you to cut your time standing in line. Yet, sadly  not all park guests know about them.  Don’t be one of them! They are FREE and easy to use! Basically, with a FastPass, you get a “ticket” that gives you a window of time when you can return and bypass the regular line for a much shorter FastPass return line. My strategy is to get a FastPass for one of the popular rides, such as Space Mountain, then check out nearby, less popular rides such as the Tomorrowland Transit Authority, until our FastPass window opens.  Then we ride the popular ride, go get another FastPass, and repeat the process.
  • Hydrate often–with free water! Just walk up to any counter service or snack station that serves soda and ask for a cup of ice water. I bring along packets of drink mix and iced tea mix to flavor the water because the water at Disney World often has a bad taste.
  • Share meals and snacks. This might sound like a no-brainer, but it took me a few meals with kids to realize that the portions at Disney World are generally huge. And who wants to carry a doggie bag around the park–and risk food poisoning by eating it later? We often split snacks and meals to save money, and waste.
  • Combat motion sickness! Try Queasy Kid Pops or Sea-Bands. I’m not admitting that I’m old, but rides that never used to bother me make me downright queasy now. I have great success with two Mommy MD Guides-Recommended Products: Sea-Band acupressure wrist bands and Queasy Kid Pops. I put on my wristbands before going on spinning rides like the Mad Tea Party. My older son also has a pair he wears on long car trips. Those Queasy Kids Pops saved our Magic Kingdom day on my kids’ first trip. My younger son had a very upset stomach, and I gave him a pop. He felt better right away! I always keep some of them in my purse.

Now that you know my secrets to traveling to Walt Disney World with kids, I want to share three terrific offers!

Play, Stay & Dine at Disney World & Save Up To $600

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Save Up To 35% – Select Walt Disney World Resort Hotels

You can save up to 35%* at select Walt Disney World Resort hotels with this offer.

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Save up to 35% at
Disney’s Yacht and Beach Club Resorts,
Disney’s Beach Club Resort Villas,
Disney’s BoardWalk Inn & Villas,
Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge (standard/pool view rooms),
Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa,
Disney’s Polynesian Resort,
Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa,
Disney’s Old Key West Resort,
Disney’s Contemporary Resort
Disney’s Wilderness Lodge (standard/woods view)

Save up to 25% at
Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort,
Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort,
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Disney’s Fort Wilderness Cabins

Save up to 20% at
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Disney’s Pop Century Resort

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Disney World Christmas 2013 vacation packages from $118 per person

Spend the Holidays at Walt Disney World with this special vacation package offer from our friends at Pixie Vacations.

Booking Window:   10/10 – 11/18/2013
Travel Window: 12/18 – 12/25/2013
You must stay the night of the 18th, you can extend past the 25th based on availability.

Package for 5 nights / 6 days at select Disney Value, Moderate, or Deluxe Resorts
and get a FREE Disney Water Park or DisneyQuest Ticket for each person in your party.

This Exclusive Holiday Season Disney World Vacation Package Includes:


  • Accommodations
  • Magic Your Way Base Ticket
  • Disney’s Plus Dining**
  • A Free DisneyQuest or Disney Water Park Ticket

Spend Christmas at Walt Disney World.
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Note: I was compensated by Pixie Vacations with a Mickey Mouse Santa Hat and Minnie Holiday headband. However, I love talking about and planning Disney World vacations and feel passionate about helping families make magical memories and I would gladly have written it anyway!

Bio: Jennifer Bright is a mom of two sons and coauthor of The Mommy MD Guide to Losing Weight and Feeling Great. Next to her home in Allentown, PA, Walt Disney World is her favorite place on earth!

The information on MommyMDGuides.com is not intended to replace the diagnosis, treatment, and services of a physician. Always consult your physician or child care expert if you have any questions concerning your family's health. For severe or life-threatening conditions, seek immediate medical attention.