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A carrot by any other name would taste as sweet

September 19, 2010 by  
Filed under K.Rowell

So we were eating carrots and cucumbers last night with our home-made ginger dressing. We had leftover turkey curry, home-made bread, and broccoli cream soup experiment. (More on that coming up.) My daughter used to like eating carrots cut into thin fingers. She was not interested last night, and I started cutting the carrots into little circles and dipped them myself.

“Would you like some carrot coins?” I asked.

My daughter thought this was pretty nifty and nibbled on several more carrot and cucumber coins.

I didn’t pressure, but offered another option, a fancy name. There are studies that suggest some kids eat more veggies when given exciting names like “X-ray carrots” or “Power peas.” Most of the time that feels like too much work and energy, but give it a shot.

Remember, kids are fickle. They like things one day and reject them another. They might like crust on a sandwich one day, and not the next. The more you can relax and keep the power struggles out the better.

About the broccoli cream soup experiment: In an effort to not throw so much food away, I froze leftover broccoli from the last two times we cooked it. I sauteed an onion, added a tablespoon of butter, a box of broth, the broccoli, and a half can of evaporated milk. I blended it all. Verdict? Good flavor, a little watery. Maybe I’ll add potatoes next time…

The Days System

September 19, 2010 by  
Filed under J.Bright

“Who’s day is it?”

Yes, you read that right! I asked “who’s day,” not “what day.” This is a question I ask here probably five times a day.

We used to have a challenge with Tyler (four) and Austin (two) arguing about who would pick a DVD to watch or what music we listened to, even silly things like who would get out of the tub first!

And so I instituted the “days” system. It’s simple: Odd-numbered days are Tyler’s days; and even-numbered days are Austin’s days.

This has simplified dozens of decisions each day. Whoever’s day it is goes first for everything that day, both good and bad. For instance, he picks the first DVD we watch, but he also has to get strapped into his car seat first!

Protests from Tyler and Austin have reduced dramatically. After all, who can argue with the calendar???

The Secret

September 19, 2010 by  
Filed under J.Bright

“Can I tell you the secret?”

Over the years as a mother, I’ve discovered that a few words and phrases are magic. This is one of them.

When my sons, Tyler (four) and Austin (three), are desperately trying to do something that they’re not able to do, and struggling mightily but not wanting to accept help, I ask “Can I tell you the secret?” This always gets their attention, and it almost always piques their interest enough to stop what they’re doing and let me show them how to do whatever it is they’re struggling with, such as putting together a puzzle or trying to figure out a new  Leapster game.

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