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Don’t Let a Baby Bump Stop You!

October 19, 2012 by  
Filed under Julie Davidson

by Mommy MD Guides blogger Julie Davidson

It’s kind of amazing at what you can do while pregnant. Shame on me for underestimating what you could do while housing another being inside your body. Because it’s not uncommon to stay home if you get a cold or the flu, right?  And one ill-placed pimple can make you think twice about leaving the house. So the idea of carrying on as usual with something growing inside just seems even more remarkable.

During pregnancy, you’re sort of a like a machine. Copiers and cars are machines. But even machines need a rest. I can’t begin to count how many times I’ve jammed up the copy machine at work, only to try and fix it and make things even worse. And on one occasion, an auto mechanic kindly reminded me, “You really shouldn’t wait 8,000 miles to get your oil changed.”  See? Machines break down.  They need upkeep.  Being pregnant can bring on concern of not being able to take care of things.

So what are your choices?  I used to think it would be best just to avoid doing anything that was already difficult. I mean being with child wasn’t going to make it easier, was it?  Maybe you could just stop working.

Here is a sample letter you could forward to your boss:

Dear boss,

You may have already witnessed the fact that I am an emotional rollercoaster and could break down at anytime. I am unable to stay awake past 1:00 in the afternoon, and my bed is so much more comfy than that cold cubicle.  And I’m getting granny ankles, so instead of having the skin of my feet ooze over the sides of my office-appropriate footwear, I’m opting for slippers. And from what I understand, in a few months my midsection will protrude even more, and I won’t be able to belly up (literally) to my desk.  I would hate to get stuck and have the dude in maintenance have to try to get me out of there.  So I’m taking off the next nine months.  ‘K? Bye!

So there is a chance that if you wrote that letter you’d get a whole lot more than nine months off.  Perhaps you could wear a medallion that read, “I am pregnant.  Please speak nicely to me.  I will not be offended by offers of food.  Or money.  If the line is long, please let me cut in.  Proceed with caution.”

But before you panic and fire off letters of resignation or wear a billboard around town, consider that every day women are pregnant and keep on doing what they normally do.  Like US women’s volleyball player Kerri Walsh Jennings.  She played in the Olympics while she was pregnant.  I can’t even get the ball over the net when I’m not pregnant.  QVC host, Cassie Slane fainted while on camera. And they kept rolling film. Marissa Mayer took over duties as CEO of Yahoo when she was about six months pregnant.

So give it a try. Scoot your chair as close as you can to your desk.  And know that throughout the universe are other moms-to-be trudging forward. When it gets really rough, go ahead wear your favorite fuzzy slippers to work.

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