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8 Top Reasons to Publish a Book

April 4, 2020 by  
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By Jennifer Bright

There’s never been a better time to publish a book. Why? Because you are probably home, maybe with free time and looking for something productive to do. Also because today the traditional publishing houses in New York are far from the only game in town. There’s a wide spectrum of publishing options—traditional publishing to self-publishing with a myriad of custom and hybrid publishing options in between.

But WHY should you publish a book? Here are some top reasons.

• As a published author, you’re automatically a recognized authority.

• Your byline on a book is your ticket to television, magazine, and radio interviews.

• Spokesperson, media, and speaking opportunities increase.

• Offering your books for sale after seminars and speeches allows you to cash in on “back of the room” sales.

• Offering your wisdom, expertise, and experience in a book benefits thousands of people—many of whom will never have the chance to meet you personally.

• Books have impact: 

  • Reading on paper is slower and deeper than on screen; paper readers remember more.
  • Reading a book stimulates emotions and desires.
  • Reading a printed book requires more focused attention than reading on screen—fewer distractions.
  • A book drives sensory involvement, which contributes to impact on readers.
  • Books are preferred by the majority of people—even millennials.
  • Your book will help you spread your message far and wide.
  • Your book is your legacy.

Great books have been written in as few as a few minutes a day. Find some time, grab your laptop or even pen and paper, and write your book—one word at a time!

About the author: Jennifer Bright is founder and CEO of Bright Communications, a woman- and veteran-owned custom publisher in Hellertown, PA, helping expert authors and visionary brands bring their books to light.

Say Cheese

January 30, 2013 by  
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by Mommy MD Guides blogger Julie Davidson

Demi Moore, Cindy Crawford, Britney Spears, and Christina Aguilara. Celebrities are just like us, right? Okay, they’re all women. And they’ve all had babies. And they all posed nude while pregnant. So much for the list of similarities.

No one asked me to pose nude when I was pregnant. I’m not pregnant now, but sadly, I have a belly. So where’s the sexy? Who took the sexy? Now take a look at a semi-naked pregnant woman. I mean if the occasion presents itself. There’s something striking and sexy about it. Okay, maybe it’s just the fact that she isn’t wearing any clothes. Or maybe it’s because it’s not the kind of naked like on a naughty website kind of naked.

It could be the attitude that makes it easier to be photographed without clothes on. I don’t know where it comes from, but it seems like you have a boost in confidence when you get pregnant. It starts out like Ahhh yes, I’m going to be somebody’s mom. By the eighth month, it feels a bit more like, Yeah, I’m gonna be a mom, and you’re not the boss of me!

Of course it’s entirely possible that women bare their bods when they’re expecting because it’s virtually the only time you can get away with it. It’s no big secret that pregnant women get a pass on things. From opening doors to giving up good seats, people tend to dote on women who are obviously pregnant. So perhaps the thinking is She’s carrying a baby—give her what she wants.

There’s also the possibility that hormones make you do it. Oh please, we blame everything from PMS to poor diet to menopause on them, so why not bare belly shots too? It would be totally acceptable to credit your hormones for keeping you in a perpetual state of euphoria. Those little buggers might very well be in there telling you that you can and should do anything.

I bet if you ask anyone who’s had kids if they struck a nudie preggers pose in front of their mirror fresh after a shower, they’d say yes. We’re women. We turn our feet almost full circle in the mirror when we try on shoes! It’s part of our routine to look at our boobs, butts, and bellies. Being pregnant gives us that much more of them to look at.

And really, no worries if People magazine doesn’t ask you to pose for them. There’re lots of people who’ll see you naked during delivery.

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