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February 5, 2013 by  
Filed under Julie Davidson

by Mommy MD Guides blogger Julie Davidson

Do you remember watching shows about life way back when? I’m talking way back. It astonished me that people had these amazing, full lives without the conveniences we have today. You know, like cars, lights, air conditioning—OBs. And you’d be glued to your seat when a woman went into labor. No phone, no doctor, and no drugs. That alone should have been enough birth control for some of us to never have sex, let alone want to go through childbirth.

But miraculously, there was always some older, wiser woman in the house. Or down the lane. Or across the field. She was the go-to person for big, scary stuff. Like chasing bears off, saving someone from the well, and birthing babies.

I’m pretty sure these days the closest thing to that miracle woman is a midwife. Sort of like a pregnancy pal. She provides advice and guides a woman from pregnancy through birth. Talk about a bond. My thought was that if I had a midwife, I wasn’t letting her go after a nine-month relationship. She’d have to come home and live with us. Forever! Sadly, I found no widwives in our area who were willing to do that.

And what’s more relaxing than a warm bath? So maybe a water birth is more your style. There’s research on both sides, for and against. But taking a bath is like a Calgon moment for me. I just couldn’t get past the idea that soaking in a bath would always lead to a birth. Never mind all that stuff they taught us in health class about what had to happen nine months before that.

Some very brave moms may choose to give birth at home. And we now return to Little House on the Prairie. On one hand, it makes so much sense. It’s your home. The very place you will be raising your child. But on the other hand, there’s something to be said for all the stuff hospitals have that your house doesn’t—like ’round-the-clock trained staff, beds that adjust with the touch of a button, and food delivered to your room. Then again, I was the mom who also thought a plunger would have been handy during delivery.

It’s probably best to consider all your options. Just be prepared that as things evolve, you may need to change it up with a tub of water, your queen-size bed, or that lady who scares the bears away. And keep an eye out for the plunger.

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