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Make Room for Dad

June 13, 2014 by  
Filed under Julie Davidson

by Mommy MD Guides blogger Julie Davidson

Do you ever feel like you need to be all things to everyone in your family? Even if it means doing something outside your comfort zone? Although I said yes to his request, I knew that playing football with my youngest son was a stretch. Literally. I’m pretty sure your arm shouldn’t feel like it’s out of the socket each time you release the ball.

Moms get a lot of credit. Maybe it’s the whole growing a baby inside our body thing. But it does seem a little lopsided in moms’ favor though. Think about it. We get the baby showers. The new wardrobe. And when the baby cries, mom is the preferred comforter.

Moms even dominate commercials. It seems like ads for Mother’s Day began at Easter. Have you even noticed any for Father’s Day yet? Exactly! And look at TV shows and movies. Moms are typically portrayed as in control and able to multi-task. Dads? Silly, too relaxed, and disorganized.

Undoubtedly, there are some aloof, rarely serious, not-so-organized dads out there. But don’t you think there are more than a few over the edge, oh my gosh you’ll shoot your eyes out with that BB gun, and make sure to wear a coat if the temperature drops below 60 degrees, and put on sunscreen every 10 minutes kind of moms as well? Touché.

It’s about trying to keep things balanced. So yeah—the one who leaves the lasagna-crusted casserole pan in the sink cannot get upset with the one who washes the dishes within 60 seconds after they’ve been used. Not that most men would sign up to have girl parts, (the tampon, PMS medicine, and 15-hour bra commercials kinda ruined it), but maybe things are tilted a little more in moms’ way when it comes to parental recognition. But men can’t bear children. Well, except for that guy on Oprah a few years ago who thoroughly confused my kids by actually having a baby. But all the other guys? They don’t get to do that.

But seriously, let dad shine. It’s not a competition, although I’ll be the first to admit, I wanted my son to think I was this amazing football-throwing mom. But just between us—my shoulder hasn’t been the same since.

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