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Who Do You Call?

January 22, 2011 by  
Filed under J.Bright

“If you need a policeman, fireman, or ambulance, who do you call?”

It’s so neat, I’m working, but I hear my husband upstairs drilling our sons, Tyler (age five) and Austin (age three) on safety. He does this every few months. First, he had Tyler sit in the living room, and the he placed a pack of matches, a lighter, and a very realistic looking water pistol on the floor around our house. Then he told Austin to go find the dangerous items and tell him what he would do if ever found them somewhere. Austin found each item, named it, didn’t touch it, and said “I would not touch it, I would go tell a grownup.” Then Mike had Austin sit out while Tyler repeated the process.

Next, they held a firedrill. “BEEP, BEEP, BEEP” Mike yelled, and he had the boys practice crawling on their bellies out their rooms, down the stairs, out the front door, to our designated meeting place outside. It’s a light pole, and Austin calls it the “Fire Pole.” Every few months, Mike presses the “test” button on the alarm to hold a surprise drill. It’s usually a surprise to me also and scares the dickens out of me!

Now Mike is quizzing them on how to call 911–but only in an emergency!

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