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Wardrobe Change

February 14, 2013 by  
Filed under Julie Davidson

by Mommy MD Guides blogger Julie Davidson

Maybe you’ve seen the show Pregnant in Heels that shows the high-end life and fashion of some expecting mothers. Sadly, not everyone will look as cute as Rosie Pope in trendy shoes. I’m convinced she’s gotta’ be wearing the cute shoes just for the camera and then throws on tacky flip-flops for the rest of the day.

My feet were so bloated during the last three months of pregnancy, you would have thought I was licking an entire salt block a day. Oh, but there’s more. Not only did my feet get wider—they got longer! So the size 10 I was already not so keen on became a 10½. On one foot. The other is an 11—nine years later! Winter boots and slippers have become reliable parts of my wardrobe.

The bloating may spread to your hands as well. Wedding bands, your great-grandmother’s ring, and all the stuff you bought from your friend who sells Silpata may be sitting on the shelf for a while.

Think you can wear regular jeans with a growing belly? Skinny jeans are completely out. The others will be pushed down past your waist and bunch up, kind of giving you a look like you pooped in your pants. Give in to the elastic.

The same thing goes for shirts. Wearing that oversized shirt or team jersey you wear on casual Fridays at the office won’t work so well. Belly gets big; shirt goes up. Shirt goes up; bare belly shows. And that just gives people more of a reason to stare and reach out to touch you.

Your boobs will grow. You will notice. Your husband will notice. Your neighbors, coworkers, and people at church will notice. And no cami, tight shirt, or sports bra will make them smaller. Pretty, lacy bras will only emphasize that growth more. You probably should look at something with big straps and sturdy material. That description sounds very similar to that of a good hiking backpack. And that’s about right because they are both used to transport your precious goods.

The girlie girl underwear may have to wait for a while too. Your back end may grow a bit, so your regular-size underwear may creep up a bit, but not quite in a thong kind of way. More like your underwear is too small and giving you a wedgie kind of way. And while you’re at it, maybe get some underwear of thicker material—absorbent. Let’s just say that when that baby is putting pressure on your bladder, you’ll be happy you aren’t wearing thin, cotton panties.


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