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Helping Your Child When They’re Struggling At School

November 13, 2019 by  
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Throughout their educational lives, children encounter challenges, but if your kid is suffering from serious or sustained behavioral or learning problems then you need to intervene and help them get back into the habit of learning. Here are some of the best ways you can support your child through this tough period and work with them to make education fun.

Figure out what kind of help they need

Just as there are many different types of child and learning, there are also many different ways that children can be helped if they struggle with their learning. Work out what your child is struggling with by talking to their teachers so that you can help them to get the proper assistance they need to get back into learning and growing as a person.

Work with a therapist to get to the root of the problem

For those children displaying more serious behavioral issues, find a child therapist who can help you figure out if there is a more serious mental health problem causing your child’s struggle, or if they simply need more support in certain areas of their learning. It’s important that you completely understand what’s going on before you try to fix it, so work with your child’s therapist to understand the problems they have and work out a solution.

Explore different educational options

If you feel that your child’s current school is not giving them the support they need, then do some research on other schools where they could flourish. Look out for schools with smaller class sizes and a greater focus on individual progression, such as the Arizona charter schools offered by the Academies of Math and Science. Establishments such as the Tucson Charter School and the Phoenix Charter School offer exceptional teachers, cutting-edge facilities and a focus on using the best teaching techniques available, so you’ll know that your child is in safe hands.

Give them support at home

A child’s home life can have a serious effect on their learning, so try to give them as much stability and tranquility as possible when they return from school. Try your best to create a safe and cozy space for your child to do their homework in, and make them a routine so that they get into the habit of studying and then relaxing. Try not to make them feel like a failure for struggling at school, and instead offer them a supportive space in which they feel able to open up and improve their performance.

The most important thing to remember when you’re trying to help a child who’s struggling at school is not to panic or get angry with them. Even if you don’t think they’re putting a lot of effort into learning, there may be a problem that needs addressing, so don’t be unkind to your child or they’ll come to resent you as well as learning. Instead, be patient and understanding so that your child can get back to excelling as soon as possible.

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