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Got Milk?

October 12, 2012 by  
Filed under Julie Davidson

by Mommy MD Guides blogger Julie Davidson

We have some interesting ideas about what is acceptable behavior in public. Over the summer, didn’t you notice some girls or women wearing short shorts?  Or halter tops?  Or heels so high you know there feet will forever be damaged? And whereas people might not have all liked what they saw, do you think many of them actually said something about it?

I remember vowing to never nurse in public. It just seemed gross and inappropriate. Why would everyone want to see my boobs?  So yep, nursing outside of my home was taboo. Until my kid screamed so loudly in Walmart I thought the greeters were going to call the police and haul me away. Nothing changes your mind about breastfeeding in public quicker than a hungry infant, relentlessly bawling and turning three shades of red to get his point across. Complete with a dozen hard stares from other shoppers wondering why your kid is ruining their quality shopping time.

I realized very quickly that I could cut that scream time by 95 percent by feeding the baby within 60 seconds of him starting to squawk. And I don’t recall people lining up to get a peek at my boobs.  And even if they had, I wouldn’t have noticed.  All I saw was a baby who was content. The vein on his forehead was no longer throbbing, and my heart rate was once again within normal range. The scene went from total pandemonium to, “Move it along.  There’s nothing to see here.”

If you’ve listened to the radio over the past few years, you’ve likely heard some of the tunes by singer Pink.  Some of her music shows a tough don’t-mess-with-me kind of style. And that attitude seems to have spilled over into her new role as a mom—as she almost got into a fight about breastfeeding in public.  It wasn’t the setting of an edgy music video. And she wasn’t on stage in the middle of a performance.  Actually, she had her breasts covered. But a man who noticed her breastfeeding had made a comment relaying the fact that he was disgusted.

Okay fine. Here’s a thought.  How about nobody makes a stink about women breastfeeding in public?  And we won’t say a word when you take off your shirt to mow the lawn. For 45 minutes.  With nothing covering your chest.

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