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It’s Okay to Believe

August 31, 2011 by  
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by Julie Davidson

The tooth fairy. Santa. St Nick. They’re all a big part of many kids’ lives. But sometimes I feel like a liar.

Think about it. We tell our kids they’re safe in our home. We have sturdy doors with strong locks. We install security systems. Yep. We’re all safe and no one can get in the house. Except the Tooth Fairy, Santa, and St Nick. It sounds kinda hypocritical.

And you have to know your stuff when it comes to these characters. Miles once asked me, “Does the Tooth Fairy have wings?” I said yes because I thought she was somehow related to Peter Pan. And Santa does watch you. And has a very strict budget (this one is really not a lie). Oh, and he’s cousins with St. Nick. I think. And they hang with Kris Kringle.

And at school they talk about the Blanket Fairy. My guess is that this is the one that takes away your baby blanket when you no longer need it. I’m waiting to be asked were they take all those blankets after they retrieve them.

And I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the Easter Bunny. This one baffles me the most. See, the bunnies in our backyard are small and on four legs. They don’t wear clothes. But the ones at the mall are like six and a half feet tall and standing on two legs. And they sport very snappy outfits. And why are they hiding eggs? They don’t even lay eggs. I’m thinking we should have an Easter Chicken.

The other day, Miles lost a tooth. He left his tooth under the pillow, and the next day he found a dollar under his pillow.

I was in his room right after he’d found the money. “Mom, did Dad put the money under my pillow?” Now is the time. Explain to him that the Tooth Fairy isn’t real, I thought. But as soon as I had that thought I felt sad.

I told him he could ask his Dad to find out. He just smiled and replied, “No. I’m pretty sure the Tooth Fairy is real.” Whew.

There’s something almost sacred about those childhood beliefs. It’s magical and mysterious. And they bring so much happiness to kids. How dare I bring an end to that? It will stop when it needs to. And that’ll be okay too because my son needs braces, and the Tooth Fairy will most certainly be contributing to that.

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