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Always an Adventure

July 14, 2011 by  
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by Julie Davidson

The day of our big vacation I got an email update from the airline stating that our flight from Minneapolis to Denver was delayed. Nice. We weren’t even on the first leg of the trip and already it was a game of “hurry up and wait.”

The flight from Milwaukee to Minneapolis was only about 40 minutes, but a very exciting 40 minutes it turned out to be. Fifteen minutes into the flight, we heard a loud bang. It was one of those “what the heck was that” banging noises. I looked across the aisle to my husband who motioned with his hands to stay calm. While I was working on being calm, the captain came over the loud speaker. “Folks we’ve had some engine problems. We are now on the reserve engine.” I was so freaked out that honestly I’m not even sure what he said after that. I suppose it was something about how everything was fine. Before I could digest this new found information, the captain was back on the loud speaker.

“It looks like everything is going smoothly considering the engine issue. But just as a precaution we’ve asked the Fire Department to meet us at the airport upon arrival.” After that, I kept looking out the window and checking out the long stretches of highway and corn fields, thinking We could land there…that looks good.

My husband and I decided not to tell the boys what was going on. They were having a ball, looking at the clouds and thinking of all the adventures that would await them on the rest of the trip.

And it was an adventure. It was beautiful and scary at the same time. There was a raft trip that made me realize how strong the Colorado River is, and why driving is my preferred mode of transportation. There was a shiny Momma moose that stared us down so hard we decided it was best not to even glimpse at her cute mooslings or whatever they’re called. There was a dog bite and two black widow sightings. And canyons so beautiful I knew we had to be within inches of Heaven, but so high I could barley look down.

We’re all in one piece. Maybe it’s just that parental nervousness that takes us away momentarily from the place we’re supposed to be. But even when things don’t go the way we planned, it makes for some great memories and story-telling. And the kids are beginning to see that they can make it through adversity. Now when things get tough my husband and I say, “Suck it up. We lost an engine. We can get through this.”

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