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CARES Airplane Safety Harness

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“Kids Fly Safe”

“When I fly with my son, I buy him his own seat. But I also take a CARES Harness. It fastens to the seat belt behind my son, and it holds him securely with a four-point harness,” says Lennox McNeary, MD, a mom of a three-year-old son, a specialist in physical medicine and rehabilitation at Carilion Clinic, and a cofounder of the Mommy Doctors Bakery (makers of Milkin’ Cookies), in Roanoke, VA. “I also bring toys and plastic toy clips, so that I can attach the toys, and even my son’s sippy cup, to the harness,” Dr. McNeary says. “This way, the toys don’t fall onto the plane floor.”

The CARES Harness is appropriate for toddlers who are one year old or older and who weigh 22 to 44 pounds. It’s easy to install on an airplane seat, and it will keep your child secure during turbulence on routine flights and in emergency situations.

You can buy a CARES Harness at buybuy Baby or at KidsFlySafe.com/store for $74.95.

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