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Boogie Wipes

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“One product that I think is a must-have for moms is Boogie Wipes,” says Tanya Douglas Holland, MD, a mom of one daughter, a women’s health advocate, and a consultant in medical affairs to a pharmaceutical company, in Atlanta, GA. “Especially in winter, kids pick up viruses, and wiping their little noses with tissues can really dry their skin. Boogie Wipes contain saline, which helps to protect the mucous membranes. Plus, the wipes smell good, which makes it easier to wipe my daughter’s nose.”

Parents might spend more time wiping their toddlers’ noses than doing just about anything else during cold season. While a plain tissue is often greeted with a grimace, your little one might not run away when you come at them with a Boogie Wipe, saline wipes that are very gentle, help to dissolve mucus, and come in a kidfriendly grape scent, fresh scent, menthol scent, or unscented.

They’re available at Target, Toys R Us, Walgreens, Walmart, and Rite Aid, or you can buy them at BoogieWipes.com. A pack of 30 wipes costs $3.79.

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