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Bee-Stractor Cards

“When my kids were toddlers and we had to wait anywhere, such as at the doctor’s office, we played Eye Spy,” says Amy Baxter, MD, a mom of 14- and 12-year-old sons and a 9-year-old daughter; the CEO of Buzzy4Shots.com; and the director of emergency research, Scottish Rite, of the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, in Georgia. “A few years later, I created Bee-Stractor cards. These are five picture cards on a ring with related counting and finding questions on the back. For example, the questions include: How many stars do you see? Can you find an astronaut? Which cow has a plunger on its head?”

Bee-Stractors are a quick and handy way to distract bored kids, break a behavior spiral, or take a child’s mind off a painful procedure. They’re actually proven to decrease pain while getting an IV. You can buy them at the online store on Buzzy4Shots.com for $6.95.

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