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Similac SimplySmart Bottle

Designed by experts in infant nutrition

“My daughter tends to be picky with her bottles and sippy cups, but she is able to grip the SimplySmart bottle well, and she is comfortable with the size of it,” says Jennifer Bacani McKenney, MD, a mom of a one-year-old daughter and a family physician, in Fredonia, KS. “The first time my daughter tried it, she would have drank every drop, but she actually fell asleep with it toward the end!

“I like the large size of the bottle’s opening, which prevents me from spilling formula everywhere,” Dr. McKenney says. “I find with other bottles that it’s often difficult to get the powdered formula into the top of the bottle without some getting on the counter because the opening is usually the same size as the formula scoop.

“I also like the SimplySmart On-the-Go Powder Cap,” says Dr. McKenney. “It attaches to the bottle so I can easily take a serving of formula on-the-go, and I don’t have to go digging through my diaper bag to find the formula dispenser.”

Eight-ounce Similac SimplySmart bottles cost $7.49 or $14.49 for a pack of two. You can buy them online and in stores at Walmart and Target and online at Amazon.com, BabiesRUs.com, Diapers.com, and Abbott Nutrition at AbbottStore.com.

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