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“Bite-sized mealtime magic!”

Little fingers and mouths need little bite-size finger foods. You could spend your days slicing up fruit, pancakes, and sandwiches, or you could take less than a minute to use FunBites to cut 12 kid-sized, fun-shaped bites that are perfect for your toddler.

FunBites are Mom-invented and dishwasher safe. They’re made well and work great. FunBites also BPA-free, so they’re safe to use.

Use FunBites for cutting cheese, pizza, omelets, turkey burgers, pancakes, sandwiches, watermelon, cantaloupe, tofu, and more. They’re perfect for picky eaters to get kids to try new things and eat healthier. Choose the “Cube It!” cutter to cut food into small squares or the “Luv It!” cutter to create heart-shaped bites. Each costs $12.99 at www.funbites.com.

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