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Potty Tots

“We’ll show you how to go potty now”

By the third potty accident of the morning, who doesn’t wish for some help in the potty training department? Wish granted. For $19.95, you can buy a potty training kit from Potty Tots for a girl or a boy that includes a story book, animated DVD with songs and music videos, an illustrated potty chart, and even a toilet bowl game.

If you don’t want the whole kit, Potty Tots offers potty charts for $4.95 each and books and DVDs for $5.95 each that teach kids the six steps of potty training. Here’s a cool feature: Your child can choose the “potty tot” character he likes best, from aspiring super hero Enrique to Polynesian dancer Leilani.

You can find them at PottyTots.com.

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