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Bemis Next Step Potty Seat

Less Mess!

“For potty training, my husband found a toilet seat for toddlers that fits in the adult toilet lid, and our daughter can pull it into place when she is ready to go,” says Melody Derrick, MD, a mom of a two-year-old daughter who’s expecting another baby and a family physician in private practice with Cadence Physician Group, in Winfield, IL. “This way we didn’t have to use a separate toddler toilet that cluttered up the bathroom. One brand is Bemis Next Step Potty Seat. We found several types at a regular hardware store.”

The seats cost $40 to $45. Bemis products can be found at home improvement stores, such as Home Depot, Lowe’s, and Ace, as well as at Bed, Bath & Beyond and online retailers such as Amazon.com.

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