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All Free Clear

“Specially Designed for People with Sensitive Skin”

“My kids have sensitive skin, so I launder my entire family’s clothing in All Free Clear,” says Amy J. Derick, MD, a mom of three-year-old and 19-month-old sons who’s expecting another baby and a dermatologist in private practice at Derick Dermatology, in Barrington, IL. “I don’t use any dryer sheets or fabric softener. These products can be irritating to dry or sensitive skin.”

All Free Clear doesn’t contain perfumes or dyes, is hypoallergenic, and shouldn’t irritate skin. You can buy a 50-ounce container of All Free Clear, which will last 32 loads, at supermarkets and Target, Walmart, and Kmart for about $8. Visit All-Laundry.com/freeclear for more information and coupons.

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