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Flooring Ideas

Life can be mega busy, and there are so many things to do in the world, and so many places to see. And so little time.  Given this, it may seem that choosing a rug for your kid’s bedroom will not be top of your list. We get it, but it’s still important. To make it easy, below we will outline some tips on what to look for when choosing a rug for your child’s bedroom. 

First, the material that the rug is made from. You will want something that isn’t harmful to your little one’s skin, and that is as hypoallergenic as possibly. Also something soft and snuggly, particularly for children that have just started to crawl, is very important.  For all of these considerations, wool is a winner. It is very soft, cleanable and is not prone to cause allergies. Polypropylene is another good bet if you are on a budget. We would also recommend you get something that is washable (your kids will make a mess!), and again wool fits the bill, and would also strongly advise (for the same reason!) that you go for a darker colour.  Pink for your little princess may not be such a good idea!

Another tip is to let your little one express their personality. They may want a rug that shows their favourite cartoon or film character, or one that is mad in their favorite colour. Increasingly available are rugs that can be used as puzzle boards, car tracks or as part of play itself. It is their room, so let them go for it!

As we said above, there are perhaps things that you would be rather doing than choosing a rug for your kid’s room. However, have fun with it. In a few years they will not let you choose anything!

For more tips on choosing a rug, see the infographic below from our partners at LandofRugs.com

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