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Cloud B Gentle Giraffe Plush Sound Machine

Mommy MD Guides–Recommended Product

Cloud B Giraffe

Logo Mommy MD Guides Recommended Product RWhen my twins were babies, we used a white noise machine—Cloud B Gentle Giraffe Plush Sound Machine with Four Soothing Sounds. Later we switched to a HEPA air filter that also substitutes for white noise. I love the white noise. It’s especially important because my twins are light sleepers, and our house can be noisy! —Sonal R. Patel, MD, a mom of four-year-old twin daughters and a physician who specializes in pediatric/adult allergy and immunology with Adventist Health Physicians Network, in Los Angeles, CA

cloud-b-4-soothing-sounds-ptru1-6747702dtCloud B offers sleep toys that can soothe your baby through sight, sound, scent, or touch. Sound toys include plush toys such as a sheep, owl, frog, giraffe, turtle, fox, and a host of other animals that contain a hidden sound box that your child can activate to play melodies. If your baby prefers soothing warmth and scent instead of sound, the Cloud B Cozies Turtle or Sheep includes a lavender wheat heat pack.

The toys cost from $14.99 to $54.95, depending on which one you choose. You can buy them at CloudB.com/US/Shop.

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