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V. Sachar MD Makeup

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Your skin is your largest organ, yet most of us don’t pay a lot of attention to what’s in the lotions and potions we slather on. Until pregnancy. Then suddenly, a lot of women start to pay a lot more attention to what they put in—and on—their bodies.

But a check of the cosmetics counter and online for safe, nontoxic makeup for pregnancy yielded nothing—until now. Maternal fetal medicine specialist and OB/GYN Vik Sachar, MD, was inspired to create the first makeup designed for pregnant women when he watched his four-year-old daughter playing with her mother’s makeup and then looked up the ingredients.

The FDA recently conducted a test of 400 different lipsticks in the US and found trace amounts of lead in all of them.

Lead is a toxin that can cross the placenta and cause neurotoxicity in the baby and can affect the mom from bioaccumulation over time. The safe amount of lead in any product is zero. V. Sachar MD products have zero lead.

Product V SacharThe V. Sachar MD line includes foundation, blush, lipstick, eye shadow, and mascara. Their website also features makeup tips.

“The lipstick is very smooth and feels hydrating, and the lip gloss is not sticky like some products are,” says Michelle Spring, MD, a mom of a two-year-old son and two grown stepchildren and a board-certified plastic surgeon with Marina Plastic Surgery Associates in Marina del Rey, CA. “I tried the blush and mineral foundation, and both look great. It’s nice to know they have been tested to be safe in pregnancy by a high-risk OB specialist!”

The V. Sachar MD line is recommended for all women—not just pregnant ones. Visit www.vsacharmd.com for more information and to order.

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