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Loving Comfort Maternity Support

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“The first time you put this contraption on, you’ll probably have a hard time deciding which way is up,” said Tyeese Gaines Reid, DO, a mom of one, an emergency medicine resident physician at Yale New Haven Hospital in Connecticut, and the author of a time management book, The Get a Life Campaign. “However, this brace is the main reason I was able to work so far into the pregnancy and also how I could go shopping for more than 20 minutes. It decreases the fatigue caused from the heavy baby resting on your veins and cutting off circulation. The brace also kept my back from aching.

“Remember that your muscles, ligaments, and tendons are stretched out in anticipation of delivery. Your back doesn’t have its normal strength, and you can injure it severely.”

You can buy Loving Comfort Maternity Support back braces online for around $30.

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