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Sparkletts Water Delivery

Mommy MD Guides-Recommended Product: Sparkletts Water Delivery

One way that has helped me drink more water is subscribing to a water delivery service to our home. Our water delivery service is called Sparkletts. I have found that I drink a lot more water now because it tastes better and a healthy and tasty water option is literally at my fingertips. I don’t think I’m a water snob, but there are so many bottled water options that it’s easy to become a more discerning water drinker. Sparkletts water comes in three- or five-gallon bottles, and the machine dispenses instant hot or cold water.

You can order it at www.sparkletts.com. They offer several different types of water: filtered water, spring water, distilled water, and fluoridated water. It costs about $7 for a five-gallon bottle.  

Edna Ma, MD, a mom of a six-month-old son, an anesthesiologist at UCLA Olive View Medical Center, and the founder of BareEase prewaxing numbing cream, in Los Angeles, CA

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