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30-Day Shred

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“Starting a cookie business did not help with the initial post-baby weight loss, and my exercise time took a backseat to family, work, and running a company,” says Lennox McNeary, MD, a mom of a son, a specialist in physical medicine and rehabilitation at Carilion Clinic, and a cofounder of the Mommy Doctors Bakery (makers of Milkin’ Cookies), in Roanoke, VA. “I got up around 5 am to get ready for work and pump, back when I was still breastfeeding.

“Then after work, I didn’t exercise because I didn’t want to take any more time away from my son. For a long time, I swore that I couldn’t work out late at night. “Then I finally decided that I felt awful enough to try it,” Dr. McNeary adds. “So for a week, every night after I got my son in bed, I worked out with 30-Day Shred. Within two days, I had more energy.

MMDG RP 30day shred“I couldn’t walk up the stairs, but I had more energy. The workouts are only about 20 minutes long, and it’s really hard to make the excuse that you can’t find 20 minutes at some point during your day or night to work out. Seriously. It’s 20 minutes. And it works.

“Once my husband decided to get back in shape, too, we bought an Arc Trainer, which we both use five or six days a week. I can catch up on watching TV, listen to podcasts or audiobooks, or just zone out to music.

“Now I do about 20 to 30 minutes of cardio training (which is now my me time) and work my abs and lift weights, or I do the 30-Day Shred workout or another of the Jillian Michaels DVD workouts.”

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