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Kallari Chocolate

Mommy MD Guides-Recommended Product: Kallari Chocolate

“Kallari chipped chocolate is a sustainable, organic dark chocolate made in Ecuador. Kallari chocolates are a dark chocolate with a floral and fruity flavor profile,” says Sigrid Payne DaVeiga, MD, a mom of a seven-year-old son and a two-year-old daughter and a pediatric allergist with the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, in Philadelphia, PA. “The Kallari chocolate makes a nice baking chocolate or a chipped chocolate for cookies and brownies if you are a fan of dark chocolate. This chocolate also works well for what we call a Mexican hot chocolate at our house – milk, melted chocolate, and cinnamon. For another treat, we melted some of this dark chocolate with milk and dipped some sliced apples, strawberries, and King’s Hawaiian sweet rolls in it like a chocolate fondue. With the sweet rolls, the chocolate tasted like a delicious chocolate croissant!”

You can visit this link to find a location near to you where Kallari chocolate can be purchased. The suggested retail price is $5.99. Visit www.kallari.com  for more information.

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