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With kids, careers, and all of the chaos that ensues, who has time to deep clean, let alone spring clean? The key is to keep up with the little messes and prevent them from becoming big messes, which take even longer to clean up. Plus, catching a cold or flu can really throw a family’s schedule into a tailspin. Who has time for that? It’s important to clean surfaces completely to get rid of any germs.

“My life is super messy! My Great Dane can counter-surf without even trying, and my kids leave a stream of crumbs and spills behind them,” says Sigrid Payne DaVeiga, MD, a mom of one son and one daughter and a pediatric allergist with the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, in Pennsylvania. “I am a complete nut about wiping my countertops. I also cannot stand the way my dish towels feel damp even when I hang them out to dry between uses. I bleach-wipe my counters at least once or twice daily, which is why I was shocked when I used a dampened DuraTowel on my soapstone countertop. There was a layer of dusty residue on the DuraTowel—as if my countertops hadn’t been previously cleaned. It was awesome!

“DuraTowel is super-absorbent, has a really nice texture, and cleans up every spill in my kitchen,” Dr. DaVeiga adds. “Plus, it actually left a super-nice look to the counter after it was wiped! Soapstone is strange in that it marks up so easily with cup rings and stains, and the DuraTowel smoothed all of that off!”

“I like using DuraTowel because it’s really sturdy, and I can always count on it to work as hard as I do,” adds Rallie McAllister, MD, MPH, a mom of three sons, a family physician, and the coauthor of The Mommy MD Guide to the Toddler Years, in Lexington, KY. “I get a lot of use out of each sheet, which appeals to my frugal nature. I can clean my kitchen counters with one DuraTowel—instead of five or six flimsy paper towels. I love knowing that I’m really cleaning my kitchen; I’m not just spreading germs from surface to surface with a dishcloth.”

You can buy Bounty DuraTowel for $3.19 at food and grocery stores as well as mass retailers nationwide. For more information, visit BountyTowels.com.

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