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Anthony Robbins Get the Edge / Personal Power System

“Unleash the power within”

Because I see the world through “the glass is half empty” eyes, my sister long ago told me about Anthony Robbins. I listened to his Personal Power System.  It really helped me to be more positive in my interactions with myself and others.

People are more receptive to positive people, and those interactions make them feel good about themselves. This self-help system provides simple steps to take to learn how to change your internal dialogue and how to recognize positive things in your everyday world.  

Visit www.tonyrobbins.com for more information. You can buy Personal Power online at Amazon.com or TonyRobbins.com.

Michelle Yagoda, MD, a mom of an 11-year-old son, a facial plastic surgeon, the CEO of Opus Skincare, LLC, and co-founder of BeautyScoop, a patented and clinically proven supplement for skin, hair and nails, in New York City

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