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StrollAway Stroller Hanger

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You’ve managed to fit three kids into a two-bedroom apartment. You’ve found a way for your Philippe Starck to live with their Fisher-Price, your Noguchi with their Noggin. Through clever storage and cool new modern designs in children’s gear, you finally have a place where your children and your style can happily coexist—except for that stroller! It’s huge, it cost you a fortune, and it’s a necessity. But where do you put it? The neighbors scowl if you leave it in the hallway. (“Illegal,” they say! “A fire hazard!”)

ProductsStrollAwayThe stroller folds, but the fact that it’s on wheels makes it impossible for it to stay upright in a closet, and at about $1,000 a square foot in your city, it’s costing you a fortune in lost space!

Mommy entrepreneur Mary Ann Malone created the Stroll-Away, an over-the-door stroller storage system. Because the Stroll-Away hangs over the door, it doesn’t damage the wall or door with screws.

You can buy the Stroll-Away on amazon.com for $35.99. Visit Metrotots.com for more information.

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