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One Step Ahead Pacifier Rinser

Mommy MD Guides–Recommended Product: One Step Ahead Pacifier Rinser

One of the biggest challenges of pacifiers is keeping them clean. It’s best to buy pacifiers that are one piece and dishwasher safe. If a dishwasher isn’t handy, wash the pacifier thoroughly with soap and water. For goodness sakes, never “clean” a pacifier in your own mouth. Ick. Once you find a type of pacifier your baby likes, buy a bunch and always carry a spare.

A neat product, called a pacifier rinser, makes it possible to clean a pacifier on the go. One Step Ahead sells a portable rinsing system. You fill it with water, fold it up, and tuck it in your purse. It’s leakproof, and it sprays a pacifier clean in seconds—anywhere. You can buy a pacifier rinser at OneStepAhead.com for around $7.

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