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Miracle Blanket

Mommy MD Guides–Recommended Product: Miracle Blanket

A small study in Pediatrics shows that swaddling helps infants sleep longer and better. By replicating many of the comforting and familiar sensations of the womb, which trigger the calming reflex, clinical studies have shown that proper swaddling significantly reduces and often eliminates typical fussiness or crying and is especially useful when it comes to consoling a colicky baby. Wrapping babies up snug as a bug in a rug also makes infants feel more secure and limits the startle reflex thus preventing unwanted arousal and facial scratches. 

Experts hope that swaddling also encourages parents to put their babies to sleep on their backs, which helps to prevent sudden infant death syndrome. 

Even tiny babies can be Houdinis-in-the-making and wiggle their way out of blankets. And then those loose blankets in the crib can become a hazard. Mindi and Mike Gatten, parents of three sons, invented a very unique swaddler with a clever design that babies have a hard time escaping. 

The Miracle Blanket is simple to use, and it’s very comfortable for babies to wear. The blankets are made of 100 percent cotton, come in several colors, and one size fits up to four months. They come with a 100 percent lifetime satisfaction guarantee. You can buy Miracle Blankets online for around $30, including here on our site (scroll down to Miracle Blanket). 








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