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Ocean Saline Nasal Spray for Kids

Mommy MD Guides-Recommended Product

“Ocean Saline Nasal Spray for Kids is one of my favorite products for relief from stuffy noses,” says Sigrid Payne DaVeiga, MD, a mom of a seven-year-old son and a two-year-old daughter and a pediatric allergist with the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, in Philadelphia, PA. “ It is a nice, gentle way of alleviating so many problems with kids’ noses, especially in the winter. It helps to thin the thicker mucous that kids have from colds and upper respiratory infections, and also it helps to moisturize dry noses in this long winter season! I use it often for my own kids and frequently recommend it for my patients as well.”

“Ocean Saline Nasal Spray for Kids is safe and gentle,” adds Sonal R. Patel, MD, a mom of 22-month-old twin daughters and a physician who specializes in pediatrics/adult allergy and immunology with the White Memorial Pediatric Medical Group, in Los Angeles. “My two-year-old let me use it on her! It’s great for dry noses especially when the heater is on during the winter. Also great for allergies, colds, and nose bleeds.”

“After much arguing with my nine year old about the benefit of a nasal spray, I finally convinced him to let me try it on him,” says Heather Orman-Lubell, MD, a mom of two sons and a pediatrician in private practice at Yardley Pediatrics of St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children, in PA. “It was moisturizing and helped to loosen some of the mucous that he needed to blow out of his stuffy nose. I think the sprays are especially helpful at this very dry time of year when the heat in our homes is drying us all out.”

You can buy Ocean Saline Nasal Spray for Kids at CVS for $4.99. Visit www.OceanNasalCare.com for more information.

Note: We received sample(s) of Ocean Saline Nasal Spray for Kids in exchange for our honest opinions. Regardless, we only recommend products or services we use personally and believe will be good for our readers. 

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