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Difrax Pacifiers

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I tested the 18 month+ dental pacifiers by Difrax, and I recommend them to other parents,” says Sonali Ruder, DO, a mom of one daughter, an emergency physician at Coral Springs Medical Center near Fort Lauderdale, FL, and a recipe developer and blogger at TheFoodiePhysician.com.  “My daughter is 19 months old, and she still likes to use a pacifier.  She enjoys the Difrax pacifier, sometimes sucking on it and sometimes chewing on it.  I like it because it’s designed to stimulate the development of her palate, tongue and jaw muscles.  I also like the unique butterfly shape that keeps her nose free so that she can breathe properly.  The colors and designs are also very bright and cheerful, which are an added plus!”

“ThProduct Difrax Pacifier 2e Difrax orthodox pacifier 6+ months are really cute with fun colors and prints,” adds Julie Graves, MD, a mom of one daughter and a family medicine and public health physician. “The shape of the pacifier nipples are supposed to be friendly to baby’s mouth development and easy to breath with.”

Difrax pacifiers have a unique, butterfly-shaped shield and they come in trendy print designs and cheerful colors. The butterfly shape creates a natural recess, leaving the baby’s nose free. This automatically helps your baby learn to breathe properly through the nose. The openings on either side of the shield enable air to flow between the shield and your baby’s delicate skin, preventing irritation. Product Difrax Pacifier

Difrax pacifiers are available in five sizes, to keep pace with your baby’s growth, from newborn to 18 months and over. As your baby grows, the shield grows along with it. The nozzle is larger and stronger too, to match your child’s strengthening jaws.

Difrax pacifiers retail for $5.99 online at www.difraxusa.com. For more information, and to find a retailer near you, visit: http://us-en.difrax.com.


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