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Difrax S-Shaped Bottles

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“The S-bottle by Difrax is a curved bottle designed to help with colic symptoms and allow the baby to feed in a natural nursing position,” says Julie Graves, MD, a mom of one daughter and a family medicine and public health physician. “While this is not a new design idea, Difrax has enhanced the look and feel for a truly curved bottle. (Other curved bottles on the market tend only to have a neck curve rather than a true s-shape.) The bottle itself has both milliliter and ounce measurements on it, which are easy to see, making the bottle easy to fill. It is a rather large bottle for babies who are breast milk fed (breast milk iDifrax Bottless more quickly digested and babies tend to eat smaller portions more frequently) but overall it is a clever idea.”

The ergonomic S-shaped design of the Difrax S-Bottle allows for a more relaxed feeding position and better eye contact between baby and parent. The shape of the bottle prevents air and milk from mixing when feeding, which ensures that all of the vitamins remain preserved. A special valve in the base prevents a vacuum from being created when the baby sucks, which helps create an even flow.Product Difrax Bottle 2

For more information, and to find a retailer near you, visit: http://us-en.difrax.com.

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