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Avent Express Bottle Warmer

Logo Mommy MD Guides Recommended Product RMommy MD Guides-Recommended Products: AVENT Express II Microwave Sterilizer and AVENT Express Bottle Warmer

“I breastfed my babies, but I also gave them a bottle on occasion,” says Lezli Braswell, MD, a mom of a daughter and two sons and a family medicine physician, in Columbus, GA. “Two products that made this job much easier were the AVENT Express II Microwave Sterilizer and AVENT Express Bottle Warmer.

“The sterilizer made it simple to sterilize bottles without having to boil water,” Dr. Braswell says. “It was easy to stack the bottles, nipples, and pump accessories into the steam sterilizer, add a little water, and microwave! Violà! Also, because you aren’t supposed to microwave breastmilk, the bottle warmer was a quick and convenient way to warm up a bottle of refrigerated expressed breastmilk.”

Product Avent Express Bottle WarmerYou can buy an Avent Express II Microwave Sterilizer online and in stores for around $32 and an Avent Express Bottle Warmer for around $46.

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