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Gentle Naturals Cradle Cap Care

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If your baby has developed cradle cap, there’s a product that might help. Gentle Naturals Cradle Cap Care helps to loosen the scales and wash them away without irritating your baby’s sensitive skin.

Product Gentle Naturals Cradle CapBefore you wash your baby’s hair, use Gentle Naturals Cradle Cap Care to loosen the scales on your baby’s scalp. The product is specially formulated to remove crusty scales and moisturize your baby’s scalp with natural ingredients such as calendula and jojoba oil and vitamins A, D, and E. Unlike mineral oil,

Gentle Naturals Cradle Cap Care is light and non-greasy. You can buy Cradle Cap Care in stores and online for around $6 for a four-ounce bottle. For more information, visit Gentlenaturals.com.

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