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Aubrey Organics Shampoo

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Despite the fact that babies aren’t playing in mud puddles, there’s a huge industry of baby soaps and shampoos. Although many brands are commonly sold in grocery stores, a brand that’s a little less common but worth considering is Aubrey Organics. Their Baby & Kids Shampoo and Baby & Kids Soap cleanse gently, while chamomile and balm-mint soothe and hydrate baby’s hair and scalp.

Be careful to keep the shampoo out of your baby’s eyes because it’s not a “no tears” formula, and it will sting. Also, it doesn’t lather up. However, the ingredients that make a shampoo or soap “no tears” or super sudsy are chemicals you might not want anywhere near your baby!

You can buy Aubrey Organics online and in health food stores. An eight-ounce bottle of the shampoo or soap costs around $8.50.

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