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Going Back to Work

How did you transition back to work?

Our Mommy MD Guide’s reply: I found my children’s toddler years to be a very difficult time. I was in my thirties, just entering the workforce, trying to prove myself and establish my career, and trying to keep up with toddlers at the same time. I found when my kids were babies their needs were simpler, but as toddlers their needs were so much more demanding.

One way I coped was to identify things that I could delegate without detriment. So for example, I hired someone to help me with laundry but I was home in the mornings to get my kids dressed. I hired someone to help me with grocery shopping, but I was home to enjoy meals with my family. I delegated tasks that I thought were less critical for me personally to do, the jobs that didn’t matter if I did them or not, so that I had the time to do the things that I felt were important that I do.

Lisa Dado, MD, a mom of 23- and 20-year-old daughters and an 18-year-old son, a pediatric anesthesiologist with Valley Anesthesiology Consultants, and the co-founder and CEO of the nonprofit organization, the Center for Humane Living, which teaches life skills with an innovative approach to traditional martial arts training in six centers in and around Phoenix, AZ

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