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Asking Questions at the Doctor’s

How do you ask questions at your toddler’s doctor visits?

Our Mommy MD Guide’s reply: As a first-time mom, I ask a lot of questions at the doctor’s office. But as a physician, I know that’s perfectly normal! What other first-time moms might not realize is that physicians are used to first-time moms asking a lot of questions. And they are balanced out by veteran moms, who ask much fewer questions. So ask away! As a physician we sometimes assume that mom’s automatically know certain things, so if you don’t ask, we may assume you already know!  I try to remember all the questions I asked my own family doctor at my daughter’s visits and help spark some questions for my patients.

Jennifer Bacani McKenney, MD, a mom a one-year-old daughter and a family physician, in Fredonia, KS

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