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Water Drinking

I can’t get my toddler to drink anything but juice. How do you get your children to drink water?

Our Mommy MD Guide’s reply:  We got a water bubbler for our kitchen because our water didn’t taste very good. It’s been the best thing to help our daughter learn to love water. Juice comes in great packaging, but nothing compares to her being able to take her cup and pour her own water. 

It’s helped with her independence and helps her be happy with her choices of water or milk for most meals, and water only between meals and snacks. The hot water feature has been great for me too for a quick cup of relaxing tea!

Katja Rowell, MD, a mom of a four-year-old daughter, and a family practice physician and a childhood feeding specialist with familyfeedingdynamics.com and feeding coach who works with families via home visits and phone consulting from infancy through adulthood in St. Paul, MN

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