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Organic Food, Choosing

Do you buy organic food for your toddler?

Our Mommy MD Guide’s reply: When my sons were toddlers, I bought as much organic food as I can. I still do. Living in the greater LA area, we’re blessed with farmers’ markets every week of the year.

When you buy organic, you know that food hasn’t been grown using the more toxic pesticides, and it also hasn’t been genetically modified. That is a huge concern. The majority of corn and soy grown in this country has been genetically modified. Studies show that animals that eat genetically modified foods have increased risk of kidney and liver diseases. That scares me!

Cathie Lippman, MD, a mom of 31- and 29-year-old sons and a physicianwho specializes in environmental and preventive medicine at the Lippman Center for Optimal Health in Beverly Hills, CA

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Our Mommy MD Guide’s reply: I’m a vegetarian, but my daughter is not. When I buy meat for her, I usually choose organic, even things like organic, sulfite-free hot dogs.

I also buy organic fruits and vegetables when I can, especially for foods my daughter really likes and eats a lot, like strawberries.

Dina Strachan, MD, a mom of one six-year-old daughter, a dermatologist and director of Aglow Dermatology, and an assistant clinical professor in the department of dermatology at New York University, in New York City.

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