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Drinking Cow’s Milk

Did you have a problem switching your toddler over to cow’s milk?

Our Mommy MD Guide’s reply: When I switched my daughter to drinking cow’s milk, she developed serious eczema all over her thighs and groin area. Her pediatrician, who could give me no explanation for why she developed this problem, gave me steroid cream to treat it. Fortunately a book I found in a health food store talked about milk protein causing eczema in sensitive individuals. We stopped the cows’ milk and the rash cleared up.

Unfortunately soy milk and formula gave my daughter diarrhea. The pediatrician encouraged me to try yogurt and cheese, as the protein in them is “denatured.” Fortunately my daughter had no problems with yogurt and cheese, and I supplemented those with chewable child calcium/vitamin D tablets.

Stuart Jeanne Bramhall, MD, a mom of a 31-year-old daughter and a child and adolescent psychiatrist in New Plymouth, New Zealand

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