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I want to send my toddler to the church nursery so I can enjoy church. Did you do this?

Our Mommy MD Guide’s reply: One place to keep a very close eye on is the church nursery. They don’t have any regulations, and they might not even have policies on how many volunteers need to be present per child.

One time when my older son was 2½ years old, I dropped him in the church nursery. At the time, there were only a handful of kids there. I went back to church. Soon after, my toddler wandered up a flight of stairs, through the building, into the church sanctuary, all by himself, without the nursery volunteers even noticing he was gone! When I returned my son to the nursery, I found there were far too many kids there per adult.

If you get to the nursery and there are more than a few kids per adult, stay to help or don’t leave your child there.

—Carrie Brown, MD, a mom of eight- and six-year-old sons and a general pediatrician who treats medically complex children and specializes in palliative care at Arkansas Children’s Hospital in Little Rock

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