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Getting Dressed

How do you make getting your toddler dressed easier?

Our Mommy MD Guide’s reply: My daughter is learning how to dress herself. She can put on her socks, but she still needs help with her pants and shirt. Sometimes, my daughter tries to play the cutesy card to get me to help her get dressed. But at this age, I’m really starting to encourage her to dress herself.

“You can do it! I know you can!” I tell my daughter to encourage her to try to dress herself.

Getting my daughter undressed for her bath can be a bigger struggle. She knows all too well that after bath comes bed!

To make it fun, I positioned the clothes hamper in a corner, and when I take my daughter’s clothes off, I make a big to-do out of having her toss the clothes into the hamper like she’s shooting a basket. “Swish! Two points!”

Tanya Douglas Holland, MD, a mom of a two-year-old daughter, a women’s health advocate, and a consultant in medical affairs to a pharmaceutical company, in Atlanta, GA

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