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Home Schooling

We don’t live in the best school district, and I’m thinking about home schooling. Is that something you considered?

Our Mommy MD Guide’s reply: Yes, I actually home school three of my four sons. At home, we do plenty of science, math, grammar, and writing. And my sons also go to an outside program called Cordis Academy two days a week, so we have the best of both worlds. At the program, they do activities such as drawing, theater, and music, plus they get to socialize with other kids.

I chose home schooling because kids start school so young, and I think often boys aren’t ready to sit still in the classroom for hours and hours each day. Plus, where we live the teachers are good, but the peer influences are not. I knew what was going on in the schools long before my oldest son would have started kindergarten because I took care of lots of the kids in my practice.

Another benefit of home schooling is that I’m grateful for all of the time that I get to spend with my kids when home schooling. I can give them so much more time and attention.

In addition to home schooling, my kids get to socialize a lot with other like-minded families who have the conservative values I’m trying to instill in my kids, such as honesty truthfulness, and certainly staying off drugs. I feel that that by home schooling, my sons are less likely to be exposed to some negative influences. Even though my kids are exposed to outside influences when they’re participating in sports teams, at least that is only a few hours a day, not all school day, every day.

Karen Heald, MD, a mom of four boys and a board-certified family physician in private practice outside Atlanta, GA

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