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Nursery Location, Siblings

I’m pregnant, and when my baby will be born my older child will be two. D id you keep your older child in the same room, or keep the nursery the same for your new baby?

Our Mommy MD Guide’s reply:  My children are 21 months apart. It was a big decision: Do we move our son out of his crib, or do we buy a second crib? Practicality won out, and two months before our daughter was born, we moved our son into a big boy bed. We also got him new furniture to match, and our daughter got all of the nursery furniture.

We kept our son in the same room, however. I felt that as the older child, he might already feel like he was losing so much; I didn’t want to take away his room too. I felt that his room offered him security and comfort. That was a big deal to me. I think that a baby’s room is the most comfortable place for him; he should sleep in that room from the beginning. So we moved the crib and nursery furniture into my daughter’s new room.

Alanna Kramer, MD, a mom of an eight-year-old son and a six-year-old daughter and a pediatrician with St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children, in Philadelphia, PA

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