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I just found out I’m pregnant. I’d like to do some sort of journaling or scrapbooking. What did you do?

Our Mommy MD Guide’s reply: With my daughter, I kept a baby book. I carefully recorded my thoughts and experiences, such as stories about my baby shower.

With my two sons, instead of a baby book, I blogged about my experiences online. This began as a way for me to convey my thoughts and experiences to my husband, who’s an Army surgeon and was deployed. But I kept up my blog even after my husband got home because I enjoyed it so much.

Also, my husband took photos of my pregnant belly about once a month. It was a fun tradition, and it’s neat to look back now on the photos of my growing belly.

Lezli Braswell, MD, a mom of one daughter and two sons and a family medicine physician currently working in an emergency room fast track in Columbus, GA

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