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Getting Started

How did you begin your weight loss journey?

Our Mommy MD Guide’s reply: I had an epiphany at age 39 in an unlikely place—a Madonna concert. I watched, riveted, as Madonna, 10 years older than me, sang and danced her heart out for more than two hours. I thought to myself, That’s it. I want to love my body like this woman loves her body. She is beautiful. 

Regardless of what you think about Madonna, we can probably agree that she is hot and has an incredible lean body mass. From that moment on, I realized that the pain of staying the same—or lugging around the extra 15 to 20 pounds, constantly running the list of why the jeans are so tight—was worse than the pain of change.

Sara Gottfried, MD, a mom of 13- and 8-year-old daughters, a board-certified gynecologist, and the author of The Hormone Cure, in Berkeley, CA


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Our Mommy MD Guide’s reply: When my twins turned six years old, I finally had the time to do a self-assessment! I think that a lot of women go through major changes when their kids begin full-day school. I took a hard look at my weight and fitness. That year, I lost 25 pounds, and I’ve kept it off for two years.

Katherine Dee, MD, a mom of eight-year-old twin daughters and a six-year-old son and a radiologist at the Seattle Breast Center

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