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Getting Motivated

How did you motivate yourself to lose weight?

Our Mommy MD Guide’s reply: After my younger daughter was born, I tried to make dietary changes and exercise to lose the weight. It wasn’t helping as I had before. The number on the scale wouldn’t budge, and my clothes weren’t fitting. It took me about a year, and then I decided I needed a new approach.

This was a turning point for me. I needed to find a way to motivate myself. So I signed up for a half marathon. Never mind I had never run longer than two or three miles in the past! I downloaded a training “recipe” to follow, and I used that to build up my stamina. I ran on my treadmill from January to March, and then in the spring I took my running outside. Then the weight finally came off.

I ran the half marathon, and meeting that goal was one of the most exhilarating moments of my life!

Pam D’Amato, MD, a mom of seven- and four-year-old daughters and an interventional pain management physician with University Spine Center in Wayne, NJ


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Our Mommy MD Guide’s reply: When I was trying to lose my pregnancy weight, I found that it helped to have a little more motivation, so I created a deadline. I scheduled a photography session for a family portrait at my son’s six-month birthday! That was a deadline—with a little bit of pressure too. I knew that those photos would become a permanent part of my baby’s history, so I would want to look my best. I also scheduled photo sessions for my son’s nine-month and one-year birthdays to keep up my motivation!

Edna Ma, MD, a mom of a six-month-old son, an anesthesiologist at UCLA Olive View Medical Center, and the founder of BareEase pre-waxing numbing kit, in Los Angeles, CA

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